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tell me what the beat says
check you from the back
i can tell that you're vibin' from the way that you move i
sneak a glance now you're walkin' right past
pardon me miss don't mean to be so rude i'm lovin' how you dance

i say ah
are you comin' back to me
it's a disatrophe
like come on are you really feelin' apathy
i got the moves make you come on runnin' after me

'cause baby
oh my well it's unfair
lookin' like that make a gentleman stare
now baby
oh my well it's unfair
lookin' like that make a gentleman care

show me how you work love
oo you make it hot
make it last make it feel like
i don't even need to think hard
after that
girl i'm never goin' back
i'm addicted to the way that you can love me and then walk on

oh my and i'm on fire
oh my body's burnin' up
oh my god the way you work
those hips those thighs your lips your body go

on my misbehavior
tell me where you're goin' darlin'
you must be my savior
free me of my yearnin' darlin'


from Lion's Den, released April 28, 2014




all rights reserved



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