Lion's Den

by Jhameel

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released April 28, 2014

artist, performer, writer, producer, engineer: Jhameel
co-producer, photographer, videographer: Kasper Smits
co-producer, manager, organizer: Ryan Rubin
editor: Liz Chang



all rights reserved



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Track Name: Where I'll Go
Where I'll Go

waiting at the restaurant
looking like you dressed up
moon in the distance fading
sipping on your drink and you're looking so good but
i can tell there's something wrong eh

tell me what the rules in the middle of the night are
tell me what you do in the middle of december

i want to sit where you sit
where i'll go till the sun sets in
i want to see where you've been
where i'll go to the world you live

fading in the distance
sun in the horizon
gone in the instant
i've been thinking of you
i've been thinking so much
everything you told me that day

it's funny
how it feels so familiar
when you breathe
i can sense all my failures
Track Name: Take Me Now
Take Me Now

mm baby how you look in the mirror
like it's amazing you're out of control
and oh starlet how you fade in the night
looking for love but you know you won't

sugar you bother me
movin' like you're gettin' me goin'
feeling a part of me
slippin' i'm losing control

i sail away from the moon
i'm coming down
whatcha say
come on come on say hey
take me now

i sail away from the moon
i'm coming down
whatcha say
come on come on hey hey
take me now

mm baby how you look at me now
like i'm a phase but you can't let go
and oh lovely how you're gettin' me right
i'm on my knees when you cast a glow

feelin' alive i believe
love is a motion
taking the ride
you and me been waitin' so long
shaking the stars through the night
i wanna know you
taking me up to the light
been waitin' so long
Track Name: Warfield

how could you do this to me
the apathy is driving me crazy
and i can't go through this again
pretending what you're doin' don't phase me

and i don't even know what
happened to the old love
i can't even tell you if my feelings are the same
and you can't seem to tell me
why you can't even stand me
i can't stand another moment swallowing the shame

see there used to be a warfield in my bed
now there's just defeat
and now i can't even sleep
see there used to be a crown upon my head
now i can't even eat
and now i can't even leave

how did you do this to me
now i don't even know how to curse you
and i know that i should just leave
but i don't know what to do without you

i'm mad
our love is dead
we never even had a funeral
it's too bad
that you're not even sad
and i can't even dream of letting go
Track Name: Lion's Den
Lion's Den

well i was just about that age
cursing at the world through a lion's cage
telling myself i was the victim
young intuition
always seemed to lead that way

tell me why every time
i look in my eyes
all of the things i've always hated in myself come alive
i'm looking up heading down feeling like i'll die
all of the things i feel inside my beating heart feed my head lies

i don't wanna lose myself
i don't even know how to not be my own enemy
i don't wanna lose my health
i don't even know where to run from my own memories

but i was just a boy back then
roaring in the midst of a lion's den
everything i said was a fiction
but who would even listen
i don't really need no friends

i'm falling for my own lies
saying that i'm strong but then i'm
hiding from my past life
scared of seeing who i've been

i don't
i don't wanna run
Track Name: Feisty

tell me what the beat says
check you from the back
i can tell that you're vibin' from the way that you move i
sneak a glance now you're walkin' right past
pardon me miss don't mean to be so rude i'm lovin' how you dance

i say ah
are you comin' back to me
it's a disatrophe
like come on are you really feelin' apathy
i got the moves make you come on runnin' after me

'cause baby
oh my well it's unfair
lookin' like that make a gentleman stare
now baby
oh my well it's unfair
lookin' like that make a gentleman care

show me how you work love
oo you make it hot
make it last make it feel like
i don't even need to think hard
after that
girl i'm never goin' back
i'm addicted to the way that you can love me and then walk on

oh my and i'm on fire
oh my body's burnin' up
oh my god the way you work
those hips those thighs your lips your body go

on my misbehavior
tell me where you're goin' darlin'
you must be my savior
free me of my yearnin' darlin'
Track Name: Poison

i see the line and i let it go
i feign a smile and i look to the horizon
days align
i made my decision
nights go by
you fade into the distance

i don't believe what the mind tells the body
under the spell of a beautiful fiction
i don't believe what you say to me sweetly
under the lies i can feel that you're poison

well i want to go back to the very first night
and take it all away get you out of my sight
i'm thinking clear for the very first time
i'm taking you away
shut you out of my life

i see the light and it's coming slow
i feel alive as it covers the horizon
days align
i've no hesitation
nights go by
i fade into the distance

and i hear the voices ringing
i should have left you long ago
in my head they're still singing
Track Name: Demigod

jive to the rhythm of the gods
if i ever rot
forever will my name be adorned and scarred in your hearts
i don't really want anything else you say
fear is a symptom of your pride
and if you ever die
signs say that everything your body worked hard for will shine
i don't really want anything else at all

i i'm renewed
if i can belong to a sign
i am never going back
i am never going back

here's to you my darling
i can be your favorite song
here's to you my darling
i can be your favorite wrong

dive to the feeling of the night
if i ever shine
pray that i may never lose sight of this feeling to bright lights
i need you to keep me
strong may the gods everlasting
give unto the world may they grant me the blessing
i don't really need you to help me
i don't need anyone at all

i'm feeling so much love
and soon it will be gone
Track Name: Come and Lie
Come and Lie

i know i could take you home
based on everything i know about you
lovely girl to call my own
i can sense an honest way about you

sleep inside my hospital bed
slowly sinking into my head i can't believe it
i can feel you turning away
fearing all your motions convey
i think i love you

who survives
alone at night
come and lie
with me till light

i can see you're very cold
warming in heat of those around you
tell me what you're waiting for
i can wrap my body all around you

i can't tell
how long we've been
i can't tell
where this ends